iZettle App: Revolutionizing Payment Solutions for Businesses

05 januar 2024
Peter Mortensen


The iZettle app has emerged as an innovative payment solution that has transformed the way small businesses accept card payments. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the iZettle app, discussing its key features, benefits, and its impact on the industry. Whether you are a business owner looking for a convenient payment solution or a tech enthusiast interested in the latest advancements in financial technology, this article will provide you with valuable insights.

What is iZettle App?


iZettle app is a mobile payment solution developed by iZettle, a Swedish financial technology company founded in 2010. The app allows small businesses and individuals to accept card payments using their smartphones or tablets, thus eliminating the need for traditional card terminals. With the iZettle app, businesses can effortlessly manage payments, keep track of sales, and generate reports, all within a user-friendly interface.

Features and Benefits

The iZettle app offers a wide range of features designed to streamline payment processes, enhance customer experience, and improve business operations. Some notable features include:

1. Seamless Card Payments: By connecting a card reader to their mobile device, businesses can process card payments without the hassle of traditional card terminals. This feature enables entrepreneurs to accept payments on the go, expanding their customer base and increasing sales opportunities.

2. Inventory Management: The iZettle app allows businesses to easily manage their inventory within the app. Users can add and categorize products, set prices, and monitor stock levels to ensure efficient operations. The app also offers a barcode scanning feature, making it even easier to manage large inventories.

3. Sales Analytics: Detailed sales reports provide valuable insights into business performance. The iZettle app generates real-time analytics, allowing users to track sales trends, compare performance across different time periods, and identify top-selling items. These insights enable businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

4. Easy Invoicing: The iZettle app enables businesses to create and send professional invoices to customers. This feature streamlines the billing process and improves cash flow management. Users can customize invoices with their branding, add itemized details, and easily track payment status.

Historical Development of iZettle App

Since its inception, the iZettle app has undergone significant advancements and played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the payment industry. Let’s take a closer look at its historical development:

1. 2010 – iZettle Launc iZettle was founded by Jacob de Geer and Magnus Nilsson with the aim of simplifying card payment acceptance for small businesses. The iZettle app was launched in Sweden, offering a groundbreaking solution for entrepreneurs.

2. 2011 – Expansion into Europe: iZettle expanded its reach by launching its services in other European countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain. This marked the app’s first steps towards international growth.

3. 2013 – Chip and PIN Integration: In response to changing card security standards, iZettle introduced Chip and PIN compatibility, ensuring secure transactions for its customers. This integration enhanced the app’s reliability and further increased its popularity among businesses.

4. 2018 – Integration with E-commerce Platforms: iZettle introduced seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce. This integration allowed businesses to effortlessly synchronize their online and offline sales channels, improving overall efficiency.

5. 2020 – Acquisition by PayPal: In a significant milestone, global payment giant PayPal acquired iZettle, recognizing its potential to disrupt the market. This acquisition provided iZettle app users with access to PayPal’s extensive network and resources, opening up new opportunities for growth and development.


The iZettle app has revolutionized payment solutions for small businesses, providing an easy and convenient way to accept card payments. Its features, such as seamless card payments, inventory management, sales analytics, and invoicing, have made it a popular choice among entrepreneurs. With its historical development and continuous advancement, the iZettle app is poised to drive further innovation in the payment industry.

The iZettle app is a game-changer for small businesses, empowering them with the tools needed to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Whether you’re a business owner seeking a reliable payment solution or a tech enthusiast intrigued by the possibilities of financial technology, the iZettle app is worth exploring. Streamline your payment processes, increase sales, and elevate your business with the iZettle app.


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What is the iZettle app?

The iZettle app is a mobile payment solution developed by iZettle, allowing businesses to accept card payments using smartphones or tablets.

What are the key features of the iZettle app?

The iZettle app offers seamless card payments, inventory management, sales analytics, and easy invoicing, among other features.

Has the iZettle app evolved over time?

Yes, since its launch in 2010, the iZettle app has undergone significant advancements, including the integration of Chip and PIN, expansion into e-commerce platforms, and its acquisition by PayPal in 2020.

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